The Best Florida Medical Marijuana Attorneys

The Best Florida Medical Marijuana Attorneys

Marijuana criminalization and decriminalization legislatives acts are so dynamic and keep on changing due to the ever changing opinions regarding marijuana decriminalization giving marijuana attorneys one of the most difficult tasks they can think of. In Florida, legalization of marijuana is not that straight forward making the work of Florida Medical Marijuana Attorneys quite difficult and challenging. This is different from other states like California where growers, sellers as well as patients possess medical marijuana ID, Florida marijuana laws doesn’t put this as a requirement but one may face penalties and fines if they are caught possessing even a small amount of marijuana.

Since the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, major legislative changes have occurred concerning cultivation, distribution, certification, possession, and use of medicinal marijuana. Nevertheless, the use of psychoactive drugs is still considered illegal under federal law. Under the Commerce Clause of the US constitution, the federal government has the authority to veto the cultivation, possession or use of marijuana even when the state and local laws have legalized this.

Most US states that have decriminalized the use of marijuana no longer make offenders to pay hefty fines or penalties. Instead, law enforcement on marijuana is no longer considered a priority. Nowadays, if one is found in the possession of a small amount of marijuana, they may face small fines, enrolled for drug education or put in a rehabilitation center. Moreover, one would need to be licensed in order to cultivate, distribute or use medicinal marijuana in most states.

Florida Medical Marijuana Attorneys are required to constantly monitor the changes in marijuana laws so that they are able to defend their clients in the court of law to the best of their ability. It doesn’t mean when most states have legalized the use of medical marijuana then its legal nationally.