We can help you if

Are you a caregiver or patient in need of legal counsel

Do you own a medical marijuana business

Have you been arrested for possession of marijuana

Professional Florida Medical marijuana Attorneys can assist clients arrested for possession of marijuana escape charges.  If they are not able to clear all charges then they will definitely help clients get reduced penalties or fines. They will then help one get in a rehabilitation center consequently leading to the charges against them being dropped.

Apply to get your medical marijuana card, to able benfits and time saving learn more

Florida Medical

Marijuana Attorneys

We are professional legal experts who strive to protect the rights of medical marijuana growers, doctors, collectives as well as patients.  We offer an array of medical marijuana related services to individuals and organizations in this industry. Our lawyers match growers with collectives enabling them to grow more plants in the process. We also offer legal advice to our clients to make sure that they comply with the Florida state laws.

At present, we represent medical marijuana collectives in legal proceedings against local government who want to close their business and deny local patients the right to access marijuana for their medical use.

We also represents people who face criminal charges that include possession of a small amount of marijuana among other state and federal drug related charges and help them escape with lenient punishments.

If a person intends to create a non-profit medical marijuana collective and they want some kind of legal assistance then they can contact us today.

Whats the Law ?

Medical marijuana laws cover numerous areas including; cultivation, sale, delivery and use of medical marijuana. Growers, sellers, doctors, caregivers as well as patients are all affected by these laws and regulations. One should use the service of Florida Medical Marijuana Attorney with a good record to avoid being charged or face penalties/fines for not complying with the medical marijuana laws.

One has to obey the Florida marijuana laws to avoid prosecution. Some of the things they have to do include:

  1. Get your medical marijuana business approved – One has to fulfill all application requirements for permission, licensing or registration in accordance with the state laws if they want to cultivate, handle, certify or sell medical marijuana in the State of Florida.
  2. Get business identification number, state and local licenses and other legal requirements to operate your medical marijuana enterprise.